Friday, 26 June 2015

[Cake Smash] Scarlette has a smashing time!

I’ve had a run of girly Cake Smashes lately, and girls always make me giggle in how they attack the cake. Some are super girly and dainty with the cake - whereas some just attack it with some gusto.

Lovely little Scarlette thought it was so excited. 

However, not all children like getting their hands dirty - so the wooden spoon comes out and we start to bash the cake! 

And then children tend to eat the cake off the spoon! We cannot have children always eating with their hands! Ha! 

The great thing about our cakes being made my Nic at The Sweetest Things is that they have lots of squishy butter cream, and a little bit of butter cream goes a LONG way at making a messy cake smash! 

Working regularly with children means I can tell when they’ve had enough of the cake, or the mess, so out comes out tub to have a splash about in - and makes for some additionally cute pictures.

I'm sure you will agree that Scarlette is just a super little cutie pie!

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