Thursday, 12 March 2015

[Question] Why are Newborn Sessions in a Morning?

Almost 99% of my newborn sessions are held on a morning - and many people ask me why - afterall babies sleep "all the time" or so we are led to believe.

In my experience I find that babies tend to fall into a deeper sleep in a morning session rather than in afternoon sessions, and to get all those cute squishy shots – we need baby as sleepy as we can get them!

It is likely that your little one has had you up and down during the night – so this is their time to ‘catch-up’. I do advise to try and keep your baby awake prior to your session, and then this teamed with a feed and a settle it should make for a happy sleepy baby.

I personally, can do sessions on an afternoon, however if this is a request then I do advise you that we may have to do more awake shots than I would normally do.

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