Sunday, 22 March 2015

No-Nonsense Truth About Parent Shots

One of the things I see a lot in my Barnsley Photography Studio is that when I am photographing Newborn Babies that parents, not just mums, don't really want to get in front of the camera with their new precious bundles. 

Newborn and Parents, New Baby, New Parents
There could be lots of reasons why - and most mums will admit that they just don't feel "right". Be it that they had a bad labour, a sleepless night, or just that they don't like the baby weight - but let me tell you one thing - there's not really going to be another chance to get a professional family photograph with them when they are so little.

When parents come back to the studio for the viewing of their newborn photographs they normally don't like the photographs with themselves in because as Adults we are so used to pointing out our own flaws. What most people do, however, is purchase at least one in a small size - to have on the wall, in the nursery, or to keep in a keepsake box.

It's not just when they're little either

It's not just when they are newborn babies either, it is all ages. I know in a discussing with a client when my own mum was in the studio we were discussing the lack of photographs of us all as a family. Most photographs are either Mum & Child, Dad & Child - and very rarely, all three together. In fact, I can say that I cannot remember the last time that my parents and I had a professional photograph taken together. The last time my Dad and I had a photograph together was on the day of a funeral as it was the first time we'd both been "dressed up" together for a while - and whilst it may sound funny - this is the reality that we are living in.

Newborn Baby with Parents, Parent Shot, Parents with New Baby

Who's behind the camera?

I came across this post on Babble.Com which was exactly that - that mums belong in front of the camera - not behind it - but it goes for dads too. Some mums are happy to be in front of the cameras whilst dad's hide behind. 
Think and look back - and I mean really look back - and when was the last time you had a photograph taken with your mum in the photograph? Or your Dad? Or both together? Which member of your family is normally hiding behind the camera? (I'll be honest it's normally me!)

Mum and Child, Boy and Mum, Single Parent

So the next time you book in for a photoshoot - why not ask if you can just get in for one or two photographs together. You may not feel your best - but trust your photographer - and get a photograph anyway - remember yourself at those times, that connection with your child and your family as a unit.

And after reading this and still not being sure about having a photograph taken - then please leave a comment telling me what's stopping you. 

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