Tuesday, 10 March 2015

[Newborn] Gorgeous little Aaron

I just had to share with you Gorgeous little Aaron's Newborn Session.
Aaron was born in January, approximately 6 weeks early and came to me for his session in early Feb. 

I first met Aaron's family, when his big brother Isaac came in for his Newborn Session - and Isaac too couldn't wait to make an impression on the world, as he was born 8 weeks early!

Just look how squishy, and cute he is - and how much hair he has! (Naturally styled too!)

One of the reasons I only pencil in people via their due dates, is people can have their babies early - or late - and they just have a habit of turning up when they want. But I will always make sure I can get them in as early as possible when you are out of the hospital.

And of course we had to let big brother Isaac in on some pictures too! 

Thank you to Isaac & Aaron's Mummy & Daddy, for bringing both of their precious little bundles to me for their photographs taking x

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