Friday, 27 March 2015

[#WOW] Meet Pippa from Wannabees!

Wannabes is the brainchild of Pippa, a mummy and self-confessed party girl who is constantly on the go. With her business partner Lynne they drove Wannabes to a #WOW win! Here Pippa tells us more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself as a person? 

I'm a bit of a party girl. When I'm not spending time with my gorgeous kids I love socialising and am constantly on the go! I have a very strong ethos of live for the day.

How did you first set up the business?
Lynne's (my business partner)
 daughter, Imogen asked for a teacher pack for her sixth birthday as she spent hours playing teachers with her friends and loved to re-create the events of the school day. Lynne spent hours trawling the internet trying to find something to fit the bill but couldn’t see anything that suited her age group. She didn’t want to “pretend” with scaled-down versions of what a teacher uses, she wanted to be doing it for real. So Lynne set about collating “real” teachers equipment and books and put together her own pack for her. Following the Birthday she was approached by a number of parents asking where she got the pack from and could she do it for their child...and that was the eureka moment. She text me and said “Meet me in Sainsbury’s cafĂ©…I’ve got it!”. I didn’t even stop to question it and over a latte and a pot of tea, Wannabees was born.

How old is the business?
5 months old

Did you ever think you’d be running your own business?
I have spent a lot of time working for myself during my career once I had had kids. I have dabbled with different business ideas but this opportunity that my friend Lynne asked me to get involved in is the first that has made me think we really have something here! 

Where are you based? Do you have a shop or are you just online?
We live near Chester both of us. we don't have a shop of bricks and mortar but we have an online shop at and we sell on Amazon. We are selling through 6 independents currently with a view to extending this and we are looking at other avenues for distribution too.  

What is the most popular product sales wise?
I want to be a Teacher role-play pack.

Everyone has a favourite product - what is yours?
I want to be a Doctor role play pack 

What is your newest item / product?
I want to be a Cafe Owner role play pack

What is the one thing people must know about your business?
It's a completely unique concept, nothing like it on the market and more importantly it encourages children to play for real. 

What is your proudest business achievement?
We won the National Toytalk Awards just 2 weeks after launch for best role play toy beating national brands such as Little Tikes

What do you do when you aren’t working on the business?
Lynne and I are very similar in what we enjoy out of work and as best friends we spend a lot of time together too. We both enjoy spending time with our families, camping, holidays and days out. 

What five words describe your business? 
Role play, Unique, Imaginative, Educational, Traditional

Any big plans for 2015 you can share? 
We have big plans for 2015. We have 3 packs currently available but it is our intention to bring out the other 9 packs we have designed already over the next year. Our range is constantly growing and we have plans to roll out further fun and exciting professions so hopefully there will be something for every child to choose from!
We also want to extend our contacts and sales outlets through independent toy shops and other larger shops with similar profile markets. 

How can we find out more about you:

Facebook: /Wannabees
Twitter: @Wannabees1
Telephone: 07900 936085

I used to LOVE playing teacher when I was little - what did you love to be when you were little? Lets see if we can give Wannabees lots of ideas!

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