Friday, 27 January 2012

Winter Weddings at Waterton Park: Chris Chambers Photography Workshop

On Monday, I had the pleasure of attending one of Chris Chambers Workshops which was to be held at Waterton Park Hotel, a local venue to myself and one I have photographed a few times. I wanted to look at the venue with a fresh pair of eyes, get some ideas, but more importantly, see what tips I could pick up.

We met on the Island at 11am, and armed with camera and lens', flashgun and a notepad, we were set to go.

A few bits inside discussing Winter Weddings, and lots of giggles and sharing sweets with Maria Calton Photography and Nikki Ramsey Photography before our models for the day, Gabriel and Vivienne arrived just before we had lunch, and then set off around the grounds to take our photographs.

Knowing how and when to use flash, off camera flash and video lights (which I so want one of!) and knowing how quickly to get things done in the freezing cold. It was a great day!

I've never really played around with silhouettes so it was great to also try something different.


Moving inside, playing with angles and video lights! I love the affects you can creative. Its on my "must get" list for this year.

Back outside after we had adjusted to the temperature again, and some "veil toss" photographs. Easy to do and dramatic too. Seeing how its done makes it possible to do it at a Wedding without the bride and groom thinking your "practising" on them!

And sunset started, obviously during the daylight and summer months, it will take longer to get photographs of sunset, but sometimes they are blooming worth it!

Back inside and practising some more ore video light things...Seriously this light to me is awesome and better than off camera flash.

The group went outside at night, to take some nighttime venue photographs, unfortunately I was tripod less and the models were freezing so I took some hand-held snaps, but not the quality I would expect with a tripod which if I was doing them I'd have at a wedding.

I've done some bits with Chris before, and I have to say he's friendly and down to earth, and will share his knowledge and tips with you. His prices are great for what he offers, so photographers, of all levels, check out his training days!


  1. Great set of photos Adele, thank you for the very kind words and really pleased you enjoyed the day. Chris

  2. You have sooo got to get a Lowel !!!!

    I love mine



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