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{Ask Me} Wedding Budgeting

{Ask Me} is a new thing we are running for 2012 on the Blog. It is for people to leave us questions on the blog as comments, or on facebook and twitter and we will dedicate a blog to answering these questions where we can. Where we cannot answer the questions themselves, I will try and find someone who can!

Today is all about Wedding Budgeting.

Once the Engagement ring is on and you decide to start planning the Wedding, you will find it hard to stick to any budget or plans without a detailed Wedding Budget. This will give you a great starting point and what you should be spending on each item.
I found this (but cannot find it again to link to it) as a friend was discussing, “How much should I spend and Budget on things?”
These are rough percentages and are estimates. Something you can spend less on, and spend more on something else, but this is a rough guide to how and what you should be spending with a few examples too.

Location fee, registrar fee, marriage license fee:               3%
Reception Venue, Drinks, Food, Cake, Favours:            48%
Dress, Headpiece/veil, undergarments, shoes,
Accessories, Hair & Makeup, Suit, cufflinks            10%
His & Her Rings, Engraving if needed                      3%
Bride Bouquet, Bridemaids, Button Holes,                      8%
& Centerpieces
Ceremony Music, Band or DJ                                         8%
Photographer fee's albums, additional prints etc               12%
Transport of the Wedding Party                                      2%
Invitations, RSVPs, Thank you notes, Postage                3%
Bridesmaids and Groomsmens, and Parents                    3%

As these are only rough estimations, but a good starting point, we will look through a few budgets to have a look at how much you should, or could be spending.

On a Tight Budget:            £2500
Ceremony:                            £75
Reception:                            £1200
Attire:                                   £250
Rings:                                   £75
Flowers:                               £200
Music:                                  £200
Photographer:                       £300
Transportation:                     £50
Stationery:                            £75
Gifts:                                    £75

I have photographed some small mid-week Weddings, I have done 2-hours photography, and then they have chosen albums or prints further down the line, how I do the same for Brides who are getting married for Full Day etc.

Some choose to go for a meal with just close family, rather than a reception itself. So that could even still save some money.

Remember that your Wedding is not just for everyone else, you have to remember what it means deep inside.

On a Budget:                     £5000
Ceremony:                           £150
Reception:                           £2400
Attire:                                  £500
Rings:                                  £150
Flowers:                              £400
Music:                                 £400
Photographer:                      £600
Transportation:                    £100
Stationery:                           £150
Gifts:                                   £150

A Bigger Budget:              £10000
Ceremony:                           £300
Reception:                           £2480
Attire:                                  £1000
Rings:                                  £300
Flowers:                              £800
Music:                                 £800
Photographer:                     £1200
Transportation:                    £200
Stationery:                           £300
Gifts:                                   £300

At a Wedding, you have to understand, and realise what is important to you regardless of your budget. If you want to spend more on a Dress and Suit but spend less on flowers or stationery, then do that. If you want to spend more on your photographer, and not do XYZ then that’s entirely upto you.

These budgets are just a starting point, an example. Look at your budget right at the beginning of your Wedding and then look and discuss and have a realistic idea of what you should be spending and where.

Hitched Wife  have a budget statistics section for Weddings. Thus shows the Wedding Budgets in 2010, showing that the majority of Couples are spending between £5000 and £10000

This shows that in 2010, people were more likely to go over their budget, than they were in 2009. This is the country that is meant to have been in a recession, also people just may not have set a realistic budget to start with.

When you are starting the plans, and are just Engaged, before you set a date, visit a Wedding Fayre or two. Collect leaflets, look at prices, and take it from there. Setting a realistic budget when you know how much things realistically cost, are a good starting point, even if you know you may get it cheaper elsewhere.

Budgeting, is not easy. Whether its your Wedding Budget or your hosuehold budget. This is what we have to think of.

Make a budget. Stick to it the best you can. And spend on what you feel is the most important part of your Wedding.


  1. My best advice would be to not think you have to give your guests a lavish meal at the wedding breakfast, for my wedding we had fish and chips and knickerbocker glory for desert, it cost £17 per head and everyone was talking about it for months! Compare that with spending £75 per head plus wine on a 3 course meal that most people will not appreciate. Don't start your married life in debt just to give your guests a good feed. Give them a good time, and ensure you have wedding entertainment!

    Wedding Magician

  2. Roger, that sounds like a FANTASTIC Idea! I love Magicians at Weddings! :D Where are you based?


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