Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wedding Photography: The Disc we supply

For our Wedding Photography we supply a slideshow of images set to music and an online gallery.

This is so that your guests can enjoy the images, but also that you can watch your day on the TV like a video.

This slideshow disc, is a locked disc, of low resolution images that you can play on your computer/laptop or TV to review your Wedding Day.

We do not give high resolution images on disc in with our prices. These are available to purchase as a standalone product with no album, or alternatively, with an album.

We try and aim to give you the best service that we can possibly do, this is why our singular digital files are more expensive than some of our prints.

An example of our DVD Slideshow presentation

So why don’t we give you them?
Well as we do not do packages, we like to make sure your photographs are supplied in a way that shows of the quality of the work produced. There is no point in paying for a photographer and getting the items printed at Asda or Boots (there is nothing wrong with the printing from these places but they just do not give you the love, care, colour representation or quality as professional labs that we use as photographers).

If we just gave you the disc of images, we would have to charge you a LOT more, and not everyone wants a disc of images, some people want an album some people don’t. Blue Lights Photography is all about CHOICE for you!

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