Friday, 13 January 2012

Wedding Ideas Awards this Evening including Live Streaming!

So today is the big day. It’s the Wedding Idea’s Magazine Awards this evening and I am currently sat in First Class awaiting my Bacon Sandwich. I am nervous and excited all rolled into one. I’m going to see some old friends, some new friends, and looking forward to seeing the Herd! (And wondering how glam they all look! Lucinda & Pippa looked like they‘d stepped from Hollywood last year!)
I’ve actually put quite a bit of thought into my outfit. Its really weird. I’ve had my hair and make up done by the fabulous Kerry Morrell, and even had a trial which made most people think I was getting married.

I planned on having my dress made specially from a local dressmaker Donna, but I found the exact dress I wanted on Ebay. I’m a bit of a bargain hunter anyway! But it did take a couple of buying from different people due to wrong material or ill fitting!

When I got the right one, I took it to the dressmaker and she has made me my own net petticoat! My petticoat is beautiful! It is black net trimmed in teal satin! I love teal.

I’ve said for years that when I do get married I will have a white 50’s style dress with a teal tulle petticoat, and some awesome Rachel Simpson Shoes! I’ve also said Ill have Orange Gerbera’s and my theme will be Teal and Orange (because mainly I am a Sheffield Steelers fan!)

I have managed to find shoes, and a shrug in teal with a handbag that was perfect (and in the sale!) my nails are now painted a dark shade of teal on the train from Sheffield and we are awaiting to arrive in London St Pancras at 13:35. We will then probably just make a dash to the Hotel in a taxi and we are good to chill out and get ready to go!

I’m happy with the planning, and my outfit, I’m looking forward to spending a great day with some fabulous Wedding Industry people, mainly because it’s a great atmosphere and the Herd know to organise a “piss up in a Brewery” (luckily the venue is The Brewery!)
A fair few of us are staying at the Montcalm UK, a gorgeous gorgeous hotel that the Wedding Idea’s Team organised a great deal for us.

So we sit down at 7pm, and the Award ceremony starts at 9:15 including live streaming of the Awards which you can view at the website

It is just soooo blooming exciting! Will report back (with photographs taken with my compact camera) Probably on Monday! x

Thanks to everyone for their support. I really do appreciate it from each and everyone one of you xxx


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