Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wedding Photography: New Venue

When browsing as a supplier some of the Internet wedding forums (I cannot post as a supplier but they make some interesting reading), a lot of the time people are told to get a photographer that has photographed the venue before.

If they have not and we speak to the Wedding Supplier, we tend to get "but all the other photographers take photographs in this spot and here, here and here" but no doubt you will have hired me so that your photographs look different - not the same as everyone else's.

I make sure that if I haven't photographed a Venue i offer to photograph the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, at their venue. This then means that we work together at the venue to look at places what we both like and think will work. I often get brides to make scrapbooks of what photographs they like and we can then look through them together so we know what is and isn't possible, and get the poses, of what the bride wants her wedding photographs to look like.

If it isn't possible to do a pre-wedding photoshoot at the venue then I make sure that our last consultation 4-weeks before the wedding is at the venue. It gives me a good time to walk around the venue, get all final timings and even have a chat and a coffee with the Wedding Co-Ordinator if they are around!

Just because someone hasn't photographed the venue before, doesn't mean they will be a "bad" photographer for that venue. Chances are we don't get complacent in what we are
shooting and always find something new and ideas of how it can look!

Pre- Wedding Photoshoot at the Venue

Wedding Day Example at the Venue
Its always exciting shooting a new venue. Sometimes you have to take a risk. If they are a professional photographer who's work you have seen chances are they'll shoot your wedding beautifully...

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