Monday, 19 December 2011

Proposal Photography: When you Say I Do!

So we photograph the Engagement Photographs, the Wedding, New Baby, Children and Family…but what about where it all started? I don’t mean the first date, of course I don’t. But the proposal!
As what seems to be with these quirky little things that happen, the trend seems to have come from America. But Men, or Women, if you are planning your proposal for Christmas, New Year, or even Valentines, have you thought about having it photographed?

Stock Photograph

You are planning to pop the question, something really special? Fancy Restaurant? Somewhere where you first met? Planning a couple shoot and turn it into a proposal? Or even just a quiet walk on the beach, or a picnic in the local park…there are plenty of places that you can ask the big question.

But the big question is…would you have it photographed?

Some people wouldn’t think that this is something that a professional photographer would capture, or even think of capturing. But we can do it. Its very similar to the documentary style to Wedding Photography, just being a bit of a sleuth with it also.

I can also see why you would think it would be a little strange, I don’t like photographs taken from XYZ angles etc, but the magic and smile on her face the moment she realises that you are proposing is something that you will never be able to recreate.

The way to do this is to plan. Photographs have a way of blending in, hiding behind bushes, or around the corner of walls. What it needs is a plan of action to know what is happening and where it is going to happen. The Proposer will work with the Photographer to capture the best images possible of the proposal. Including a visit to the place where the proposal is going to happen!

Stock Photograph

I always love hearing about the proposal, in fact its one of the questions that I have on my “getting to know you” sheet, which is “how did the proposal happen” and I get so giddy and excited. I wish I could be there. But now…I can!

If you are planning a proposal to your loved one, then get in touch about having it photographed with Blue Lights Photography either email Adele to or call 01226 872 491

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