Thursday, 8 December 2011

Laughs, Giggles and a Campervan - Tankersley Manor Wedding

Michelle & Julian, got in touch with me via email and came to see me at my previous office in 2010 for their Wedding arrangements at the Barn side of Tankersley Manor. After the pre-wedding photoshoot ended in fits of giggles from all 3 of us, I expected much the same from the Wedding.

I had the lovely Hannah from Lifeline Photography second shooting for me on this day.

They had a wonderful sage-green theme throughout the Wedding, from the wonderful bridesmaid dresses, to the newly painted VW Campervan (Julian's pride and joy!)

The ceremony itself, was such a lovely quick one, with a few giggles, and nervous hands. The Barn has windows all down the length of it, and one at the bottom with curtains that Michelle wanted closing so that no-one saw her when she arrived. We convinced the staff to leave the very high window open, and with some quick placement of Hannah, and a very lovely registrar, the positioned the bride and groom so the light fell just on them.

Their collective children. Yours Mine and Ours :)

Michelle, was very surprised, that both Hannah and I managed to get some photographs of them not laughing and being couply, but they couldnt stifle the giggles for long!

A wonderful day was had by all, lots of classic rock and roll music t start the night off!
It was a fantastic day had by all!

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