Thursday, 1 September 2011

{blp} It's not just about taking photographs....

Well August is coming to an end, which would mean that "Wedding Season" is almost over. Albeit I still have another 9 or so Weddings to photograph before the End of the year. It has been a busy year, and this is Second full year I love being a Wedding Photographer.

I love shooting Weddings, not only do I get to share the excitement on the day, but I find out about the proposal, the couple, and then share their happy memories and let them have images that they’ll treasure forever.

But its not just that - being a photographer is not just about taking pictures of the Wedding and then going home and designing and album. Its all about the things that happen on the day.

The bride and groom spend most of the time planning the wedding to every fine detail, but there are certain things that they wont know, or remember. At the end of the day, unless they have a co-ordinator/planner that is there with them from waking up and hand-holding - then we are the wedding experts on their day!

I will ask some of my brides to tell me what I did for them on their Wedding Day, but I’ve laced a lot of my brides this year into their dresses!
I remember escorting a bride to the toilet has she had no adult bridesmaids - and climbing under a brides dress to adjust her garter! These are the wonderful things I get to do - as a Female Wedding Photographer!

One of the other things I get asked about are corsages and button holes (or boutonnieres to give them their proper name) no-one ever seems to be able to pin them properly or know what side they go to. Men wear them above the handkerchief on the left hand side covering the button hole. Women wear their corsages on the right hand side facing down. Not that I expect to remember that myself when the wedding season is over for a little while.

I carry safety pins in case we need them - hairspray, grips and plasters are also in my bag along with my camera and lens’.

Its just about being prepared! We have back-up camera’s just in case so why not the additional bits also?!

I love sharing my little tips and knowledge of how things work, or even the best way for the bride to go to the toilet - alone! Each wedding brings new experiences - and new things that happen! So remember these things when they are happening!

I know most of my brides have thanked me for the help I have offered. And I’ve even had training on how to tie cravats and sort out handkerchiefs if I get to the Church and the groomsmen need adjusting!

Its not just about taking photographs...

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  1. So true! Thanks for sharing! I get asked if I know how to tie a cravat :) I need to learn how... :)


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