Monday, 19 September 2011

{Real Wedding} Mr & Mrs Kerry at Castle Park, Doncaster

Nicola had origionally seen me at the Castle Park Wedding Fayre not too long after I had just started out. I went to see them at home when they went to book me for their Wedding Photography.

I have to say Nicola, was a VERY organised bride, who had an envelope for everything. And money would go into said envelope for different people. She even had an envelope for the Stag Do!

Not only was she super organised, Nicola seems to like to do everything at once! Including, moving house and planning a wedding....They moved into their new home, some 10 days (or even less) before their Wedding Day!

The Wedding came around and they were married at Castle Park Doncaster. The registrars were lovely, and noted that if I found the room too dark, I could use flash! (something that photographers are told they are NEVER allowed to use. Ever!)

Now if you havent been to Castle Park before, you will notice, there really isnt much greenery.
The only grassed area around is the Rugby pitch, but that didnt stop us!

We worked with what we could! (and i love brick walls anyway!)

And as you can tell from this picture, the bride loves a laugh!

The Family Photograph, in the stalls at the grounds. Two of them are Nicola's, three of them are Paul's and they have a baby on the way! (Nicola was about 8 weeks pregnant at the Wedding)

One of the things I love about Weddings is that each one takes me to a different place. Each one has a different Vibe, of course unique to every couple. The Wedding I photographed at this venue 6 weeks later was completely different. I will blog it later.

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