Saturday, 3 September 2011

{blp} Waiting for the photographs....

One of the things that never tires, is being asked to see the photographs.

When the Wedding is over the only thing left is the honeymoon and the photographs. Even if you tell your Bride & Grooms that it will be two weeks, or three weeks, they will more than likely ask before this!

I’ve never had a bride say “its ok we shall sit tightly and wait patiently” because as much as we may not think it, the photographs are important.

Before the wedding the bride and groom are juggling the hotel, flowers, suits, dress, family - and after the wedding, all eyes are on the photographer!

Keep calm, keep them updated, and sometimes where necessary, let them have a sneaky peak - via private email, blog or face book. You won't be surprised at how this can help wet their appetite - but be careful it may make then ask you more! x

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