Tuesday, 6 September 2011

{blp} Photographs: They're not just for happy memories.

Earlier on this year I had a bit of an odd week and made me realise that taking photographs isn’t just about the “happy” times that are there, weddings, birthdays, parties, and milestones - they’re also creating lasting memories, memories that might not be there in 3months time, or even tomorrow.

It's been sad, scary and upsetting - but more a reminder that I’ve managed to capture a memory that will last a lifetime - and that’s the job I do as a photographer. Images to treasure forever is my strap line for a reason and sometimes there is no more that can be said.

It started off by an early morning telephone call from one of my 2010 brides, explaining to me that her bridesmaids daughter had passed away and could they please purchase a big photograph of the bridesmaid, hubby and daughter together as a lasting reminder of happy times.

It brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye, that not only had these parents lost their little angel who had been ill - but that the bride wanted to create this lasting memory for them.
I then had a family contact me about a member whom is ill and they want some lasting photographs of them all together. I was touched that they wanted to use me.
And that is the thing with photographers - we never know what job we will get asked to do next, and whilst most of our jobs are of happy occasions, unfortunately sometimes we are chosen to capture the final memory.
I remember my friend going into labour at 28-weeks (and it she hung on to 41 weeks)  and braving the conversation of if baby arrives early, and needs to go to special care - then I would take photographs of baby so she had those treasured little memories should anything happen. Luckily I’ve not had to take those photographs, for her or anyone - but would the time come then I would consider it.

Its almost like my head, and heart have turned a corner. I have known, and yet its now become apparent, that I am creating these memories for everyone. FOREVER. And if that means braving back the tears, and putting on a brave face, to do some jobs that I wouldn’t normally do - then so be it.

All babies are beautiful. All Weddings are full of love. And all photographs are forever.

 At least I can do is take the time and allow people that I’m here - from the good times and the sad times.

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