Wednesday, 31 August 2011

{blp} Birth Photography

Its funny what happens when you sign into twitter and you just see someone comment and you instantly become intrigued on the conversation. Its like eavesdropping but being allowed to. Its so much easier, and faster than facebook, and the topics are diverse.
I eavesdropped on a conversation with a few photographers about Birth Photography. And was linked to a couple of blogs incuding this one from Orange County Photographer Chenin Boutwell  and also through searching I found DFW Birth Photographer too.

There doesn’t seem to be many UK photographers offering Birth Photography but I suppose it could be that as a woman I’m not sure how I’d feel about having a camera around me when I am in labour and want to kill everyone! (Note: I’ve not had children, I just know all friends who have, have generally ordered death upon someone)

From a photographer point of view it is very much the case of being able to be there for the birth, and also how much to charge as you never know how long you are going to be there! However I found UK based Photographer Cherry Tree Photography giving her details and pricing on Birth Photography.

So…how would you feel about birth photography? How would you feel about having someone photographing one of the most amazing and life changing experiences? I am very interested to hear both Mums to Be, and Photographers regarding this, I think its interesting. Some of the photographs are beautiful….
As a woman, I’m not sure how I’d feel about it, however having seen some of the photographs my heart is warming to it a little more….comments are very welcome as I am very interested in other peoples opinions with this.


  1. It wouldn't be something I would want. Giving birth is a very personal experience and for me only mummy, daddy and medical profs (if required) should be there. I wasn't ordering "death" on anyone but I certainly didn't want anyone else there that didn't need to be. We told family and friends to leave us be until WE were ready to see/talk to them after Alfie was born. Having a phogotrapher there would make the experience very impersonal and uncomfortable for me. A hubby/ birthing partner with a camera is enough in my opinion.

  2. I'm still totally torn on this particular subject. I tend to avoid 'people' in general at the end of my pregnancies and get very insular so I don't think I'd be entirely comfortable with a relative stranger hanging around while I'm trying to concentrate on the birth. Having said that, it's very important to me to capture the experience and if the photographer was particularly adept at being largely 'invisible' and didn't expect much conversation out of me then I think I'd love it. I'm lucky that my husband is a semi-pro tog so I have some lovely photos of the birth of my youngest but none as a family unfortunately. I've actually considered offering birth photography myself after seeing some from across the pond but I think the risk is most women have no idea how they'll react in advance of labour itself so it's a hard one to call.

  3. I would have loved it......have a look at the post on jonas Petersons website when he photographed the birth of his child....inspiring...I think if you find the right person and you get to know them well first then it could be a wonderful experience...especially if it meant that hubby could be holding my hand instead of a camera then I am all for fact would just love to shoot one ...any offers? lol

  4. Tried to comment on my phone but dont htink its worked so here I go again...
    I think its personal preference but for me it would be definate no!
    Childbirth was a very personal thing for me and my husband, I wouldnt have wanted anyone ele there.
    The end result is obviously beautiful but the process isn't and I certainly wouldnt want to hang a picture of it on my wall! haha, x.


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