Sunday, 25 October 2015

[Newborn] Little Ronni comes to visit

I want you to meet beautiful Ronni - a longed-for little girl to join her two big brothers. 

I photographed Ronni's youngest big brother as a newborn too so it was always lovely to see mummy again, and this time with her gorgeous little girl.

Mummy knew what to expect too from being before - and she had come prepared with a couple of her own baby headbands - and some I wanted to keep too! ha!

Since I photographed Ronni, I have found out that mummy runs Jaxons Gift. No matter how many times we hear of the beautiful newborn baby stories and squishes, sometimes there is heartbreak behind them too.

You see, Ronni, not only has her two big brothers, she has an angel big brother too who was taken far too soon from growing within mummy, and she will always know about him because mummy has managed to create a legacy for him in Jaxons Gift.

I love Baby Bubbles!

A beautiful little flower.
Thank you Mummy for letting me share, not one, but two of your gorgeous babies. And sharing Jaxons story with me. Keep doing what you are doing. 

#LovelyMummy #GorgeousBabies

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