Sunday, 11 October 2015

[Maternity] Party Season Maternity Wear

Being a Newborn Photographer, I see a lot of my friends and clients especially as we get more towards the winter, complaining about the lack of Maternity Clothing that is currently out there for Weddings and Nights Out and Special Events for Christmas and Birthdays.

I was surprised, back in the Summer when I did a blog about it, there was lots of lovely maternity wear, I just thought - maybe people aren't looking in the right places - but the places I normally "go to" for looking online - left me feeling underwhelmed and I'm not even pregnant - so it makes perfect sense why mums are feeling crap - especially as you need to be spending £75+ or something a bit more dressy and then again - online only.

So I've just had a quick look around and picked up a few idea's for those gorgeous pregnant mummies who are out there and want to have something that they can feel amazing in.

Envie De Fraises seems to be one of the lines you need to look at - especially when most of the dresses in Mothercare that could be "dressed up" for a party are by them. £39-£45 for these dresses. May not be everyone's cup of tea - but better than some things that are out there! 

Wine coloured lace pencil dress, also available in Navy, is lovely for a Wedding if attending whilst pregnant.

Both Wine and Navy are big winter colours too and are available from Dorothy Perkins.

I then decided I really did need to look a little bit further. As nothing was jumping out at me, even George at Asda and F&F at Tesco let me down. Normally you can drop on lovely, non-expensive items especially if you are only going to wear it once or twice.

A lovely long poppy-print Maxi Dress is available at Debenhams from Red-Herring Maternity but I understand prints , and maxi dresses aren't for everyone. Which for me meant one last place to look that keeps getting recommended. ASOS.

Asos had a tiny bit more of a choice, depending on what you are looking for. The Orange wrap dress which is also available in Navy (but more expensive) isn't everyone's taste. Not everyone can carry orange off as a colour - I know I can't! But dresses ranging from £25-30 these are perfect for one-time wear.

I am not aware of what ASOS sizing is like as I know I've had issues myself in the past. But if it's somewhere you've ordered from before then it should be perfect place to shop for you from the comfort of your own home.

One that I would definitely add to my wardrobe, especially if I was planning to breastfeed would be this nursing dress from ASOS.

This dress looks beautiful and discreet for breastfeeding your little one.

I hope that this gives you a couple more idea's but the choice out there isn't that great at the moment as awful as that sounds - but definitely don't let that put you off looking if you want an outfit for a special occasion this winter whilst you are pregnant - it just means you might have to look a little bit harder.

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