Sunday, 11 October 2015

Remembrance Items

This week is Baby & Infant Loss Awareness Week and being a friend of people who have lost their babies and infants - whilst it isn't a nice place for us to be as a friend - how we feel will never be a drop in the ocean as to how parents feel.

When mums, dads, grandad's and grandma's pass away, we can always find something sentimental to send to the person. Be it a keyring, a card or a small token to say that you are thinking of them.

However, when someone loses a baby, or child, it suddenly becomes harder. Not only harder to find something - but harder to search. Afterall, no person should have to mourn the loss of their child.
I thought that I would have a look around, to see what there is as small token gifts that people have the ability to send, to tell parents we're thinking of you - or - as a parent - items for yourself.

Looking, I found that there were lots of items for mums of angel babies, but not too many things for dads. I've tried to split it down a little easier. For all those concerned who have a little piece of them no longer with us.


Hole In My Heart Necklace £14.50
Click Link for Website
Angel in My Heart Necklace £16
Click on Link to Website


Hole in my Heart Keyring £12.50
Click Link to View Website
Jigsaw Keyring
"My Missing Piece" £9.95
Click Link to go to Website
Daddy To an Angel Keyring £9
Click Link for Website

Dog Tag Style Keyring £9.50
Click Link for Website

For the Home

Angel Crystal Token  £11.99
Link for Website

In loving Memory Photoframe £19.99
Link To Website

Initial Tea-Light Holder £4.79
Link Here

In Loving Memory - Christmas or Hanging Decorations
In Loving Memory Personalised Hanging Glass Heart
Hanging Glass Heart £12.99
Link To Website

These websites are not in any way associated with Blue Lights Photography, these items are just which I have searched for and found myself. X

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  1. me and mike were lucky enough to use some inkless wipes to get logans footprints (on behalf of the funeral director). So with help from the precious charm company, I bought a charm from me and mum with his pic, name, hand and footprints and mike got a dogtag too. plus the lovely keyrings from you too.


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