Tuesday, 27 October 2015

[Gifts] Christening Gifts Under £20

I hear a lot of people not knowing what to buy people when you are attending a Christening.

So I headed over to NOTHS and had a look at what kind of things you can get as Christening Gifts for under £20, with three items on this list also being under £10 I hope this helps you with some inspiration!

Top Left: Personalised Oak Letter £16, Top Right: Star Keepsake £9.50
Bottom Left: Personalised Sailing Boat £16.50, Bottom Right: Single Christening Building Block £5
Top Left: Happiness Tree Print £18, Top Right: Personalised Organic Rattle £16.50
Bottom Left: Personalised Book of Nursery Rhymes £19.95, Bottom Right: Christening Candle £9.95
Left: Photo Block Stand £12.50 , Right: Personalised Wand £12.50

Happy Shopping! And remember, if you need something within the next couple of days and last minute shopping you can always check out Blue Lights Gift Range 

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