Monday, 24 August 2015

[Newborn] Bright & Beautiful Evelyn

 Little Evelyn belongs to Leanne & Patrick who's Wedding I photographed in October 2014!
And wasn't too long before I knew that this little lady was on her way!

Mummy & Daddy wanted bright and bold colours for Evelyn, so that's what they got! However, Evelyn didn't really want to play on the day and decided that she must come back for another visit and some more cuddles - so that is what we did.

I work at baby pace, after all they are only little for so long, and whilst they are "only" babies and should listen to us adults - I can clearly state that these babies actually rule the roost!

I love this multi coloured blanket and I don't use it often enough at all! 

Meaning of Evelyn: "wished for child"

Bucket shots are one of my most requested and used props, I mean who doesn't love a cute little baby in a bucket. Bucket shots are great for babies who settle on their tummy. Especially if babies are snuffly and have cold or still a little bit of mucus left.

Thank you to Evelyn's Mummy & Daddy for bringing her in to see me - look at her hair! She was so gorgeous and a fab cuddler!

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