Monday, 14 October 2013

[Tips] Wedding Questions - What, Where, Why and Why?

When should I take off my veil?
If you are planning to wear a Veil on your day, then think about the Veil you are choosing. Is it a birdcage? Is it a Cathedral length? 
Not everyone plans on wearing their Veil all day, so the plan is to decide when to take it off during the day. A lot of people take it off just before the meal, so they are not sitting on it during speeches etc – whilst some leave it on until after the first dance and all the official photographs are over.

Who lifts my veil?
While more and more brides are wearing a veil flipped back for the entire ceremony or not wearing one at all, the most traditional bride still wears a veil over her face. If you like to keep things classic, there are two options. One is your dad lifts the veil when he gives you away, "revealing" you to the groom. The other is for the groom to lift the veil just before the kiss.

Do I really need someone to hold my dress while I pee?
Oh this depends on the dress, and I have been known to help many of my brides go for a pee! If you are wearing a full length dress without a hoop – then you may be able to scoop it all up. However, with a hoop, then you can “tuck” this into the hoop and hold it like a bucket, but you will still need someone to help you.

Is there an appropriate way to kiss at the ceremony?
You kiss anyway that you feel comfortable. However please remember your parents, and grandparents may be present. Don’t just have a peck either, you want to make sure its not so quick that your photographer misses it!

What do the bride and groom cut the cake?
The cake cutting can take place at different points during the day. Some people cut it after speeches, some cut it just before the first dance. Some people don’t cut it at all. Its your choice, think about when you would like to serve it on the day and that will help you decide when you cut it. 

Where do I put my engagement ring during the ceremony?
A lot of brides wear it on their right hand, or give it to mum, aunt, or bridesmaid. Remember your Wedding band goes on first and the engagement ring sits on top for when you move them over.

What side are we supposed to stand on during the ceremony?
During the ceremony the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right. Guests of the bride and groom should follow suit, sitting on the side of whoever they know best or are related to (tell mutual friends to sit on the side that has less people).

What's the best way to greet guests if I don't want a receiving line?
As a photographer I tend to let guests have a 15-20 minute window after the ceremony to greet and mingle with guests if I know they’re not having a receiving line. If depending on the weather we need to start quickly with the photographs then I try and make sure they get the 20 minute window before they sit down to eat.

Can I take my shoes off at any time during the reception?

Of course you can, take off your shoes whenever you want! Make sure you have a pair of comfy flats for dancing in, or if your dress drags too much on the floor, see if you have a well worn pair of comfy dancing heels to keep your day flowing well! 

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