Thursday, 3 October 2013

[Information] Cakey Baby Sessions

Cake Smash Sessions or "Cakey Baby" as they are lovingly called at Blue Lights Photography - are a fun - and messy - session to mainly celebrate your little person turning one.

Each session starts with a few photographs, or family photographs of your little one clothed, playing with their favourite toys, or just doing their favourite poses - before we get the cake out.

Our Cakes are made my a local cake maker - and not only that - if your child has any known allergies we can cater for them - you just need to inform us that your child has allergies, and what you need the cake "free from" and we shall get back to you if this is possible.

Sometimes children are a little apprehensive at first regarding their cake smash - sometimes children take a little while to investigate the cake. Some just pull tiny little bits off - where some go for big chunks. This is all part of the cake smash session. The children have probably never been sat infront of a cake before - or if they have they've been told "do not touch it" - so they need to know and learn what they can get away with when in the studio with me

Some children LOVE the feel of it on their hands - others don't and have been known to use a spoon. A lot really depends on your child. Is your child generally a messy child or are they used to their hands being clean all the time? If its the latter then your little one may struggle with a Cakey Baby Session as they may not like the mess. Children are funny little things.

I generally see lots of these types of faces:

But on the odd occasion - I do get these type of faces too

Sometimes distraction, or a quick clean and we are good to go again!

Your child WILL get messy - and you may get messy and more than likely I will too!

And then your little one gets cleaned up - depending how much mess they've made its a quick wipe down with baby wipes, or a dunk in our bucket! And then I am left with the rest of the mess to clean up!

If you have any more questions about a Cakey Baby Session - which are held at my barnsley based studio (no mess at home for you) then please get in touch! 

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