Thursday, 10 October 2013

[Tips] Guest Etiquette

When you attend any Wedding as a guest, then there are several things that you need to remember – guest etiquette – how to be a “good” Wedding guest.
Pay Attention
If there is a dress code, a colour request or even that stiletto’s aren’t to be worn then please stick to it. The best case is that you will offend the Bride and Groom – the worst case is you’ll be asked to leave.

Allerton Castle, give heel covers for “thin” stiletto type heels to protect the wooden floors – if you are pre-warned you can make sure that you have correct shoe types – and we don’t really need an excuse to go shoe shopping do we?
Dress Code
Don’t go for something that screams “look at me” or something that will make you massively stand out and not “blend in” in group photographs. Your eyes want to be drawn to the bride and groom in group photographs, not to the lady wearing bright orange, or hot pink with a massive hat.
White, is generally a “no no” at weddings (but I see it more and more regularly – or white and a colour, or ivory!) ask if you think the bride would be offended.

Make sure you are on time to the ceremony. You do not want to be the person that tries to quietly sneak into the ceremony after the bride has already arrived. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony time. This will give you plenty of time if there is traffic.

Feed Me
You will get hungry. Weddings are long days – depending on the ceremony time will depend on what time you will get fed, whether it’s a church wedding, or a civil ceremony – and whether there is any driving time between the wedding and reception venues. So plan! If the wedding is at 1pm, you will not sit down to eat until between 3 and 4 – have a “large” brunch at about 11 or 11:30 – and plan to be at the venue for 12:30! Whatever you do don’t complain that you’re hungry (or eat all the canapés)

Be Nice
Say nice things when you are at the Wedding, even if you don’t like the dress, decor, the venue anything. Do not say anything until you are in the comfort of your own home and then only to people you trust. You don’t know who may be listening at the Wedding.

Please remember to take your favours home, regardless of what they are (or if you don’t like them). The Bride and Groom will have spent a while choosing what favours to give to their guests, so make them feel that their gift is appreciated.

Tipsy vs. Drunk
Everyone wants to have a good time, everyone wants to have a drink and relax and have their best dance moves. But remember to pace yourself. I have seen too many guests drunk by the end of the meal, and had to have naps and “sober up” before the evening reception! Pace yourself, don’t be too drunk – and definitely don’t be the guest that they continually talk about after the wedding.

Thank You
Do remember to say thank you to the bride and groom, for your invite and how beautiful the day has been. They have spent money and time and energy planning this wedding, be thankful for your invite. 

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