Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[Tips] Little Things to Remember

There are lots and lots of things to try and remember for when you get married, and more importantly the “big things” however, don’t let the little things get forgot ten.

Hang it.
It is a tiny tiny detail, but what about a pretty hanger for your Wedding Dress. A lot of hangers these days are plastic and don’t give the “look” that you may want. You can now get personalised hangers from NOTHS 

Charge it.
Remember to pack your phone charger. You may want to keep it on, on the morning incase bridesmaids, or florists are running late. However, make sure you leave it in the room so that you don’t have to worry about the constant messages and facebook notifications on your Wedding Day, they’ll still be there tomorrow.

Pack it.
If you aren’t staying at the hotel the night before – but you are staying on the Wedding night then make sure you have your overnight bag packed in advance. Give this to someone you trust who is driving to the venue – so you can get it that evening.

Reserve it.
No matter how lovely the “reserved” signs are on your seats, sometimes families don’t think they are for them. Make sure everyone knows where they are sitting in the ceremony room.

Tip it.
This isn’t a big thing – but sometimes people like to tip people, so try and have some money with you to tip them, or even pre-envelope with names on them.

Change it.
If you are changing your name then you will need to replace everything with your maiden name on it. Ask around what you need to change – and practice your signature before you go and resign everything!

Collect it.
Assign someone who will collect your gifts and cards and either take them to your room, or a designated place if you are travelling on honeymoon the day after the Wedding.

Eat It.
Remember the time you spent deliberating over tastings and the cake? Then make sure that you enjoy it!

Give it.
Say thank you, and show how much you appreciate the help of your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen with a personal gift, it doesn’t have to be anything big – just something as a token of your appreciation.

Have it.
Make sure you have your “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Arrange for them in advance so nothing is missing on the day.

Create it.
You will know the schedule for the day, inside your head, forward, backward and inside out – but not everyone else does. Make sure your relatives and the main suppliers know what is happening – and contact details for major contacts of the day.

Enjoy it.
Make sure you enjoy it. It is your day, you’ve spend more than enough time obsessing and worrying over the day. Realise that everything will be fine, it will go to plan and just enjoy it. 

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