Sunday, 18 November 2012

Outdoors: Elijah

One cold and wet early Monday morning, I couldn't think of anything better to do than go out photographing little Elijah in the leaves at Locke Park, Barnsley.

The leaves provided lots of fun and entertainment - but also, if you are considering an outdoors shoot in the Autumn/Winter then please make sure that you do not mind your little one getting WET and DIRTY! 

Sitting in the leaves, throwing leaves, playing with the leaves is all good fun. And little Elijah is definitely at the inquisitive age to find out what is going off around him - and into everything. Climbing, playing, running around. And with it actually drizzling with rain in these photographs - it was also very quite so he had the full roam of the park! 

I think the end photographs you can see how wet and dirty he is, but he loved every minute of it, and I know that his mummy and grandma love the photographs! And that's what matters.

Giving YOU memories of your little ones, doing things that little ones do! 

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