Saturday, 24 November 2012

Newborn: Louie

I was excited to photograph little Louie when he had arrived, after all, I love the Newborn Sessions that I offer and it means lots of baby cuddles!

They are a great way to capture all the little bits and pieces and details of their little ones.
Just look at how adorable he is. Fast asleep, and all those little details change so quickly!

The joy of newborn shoots and being a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers is the love of being specially trained to pose newborns, and use some tips and tricks to get them sleeping soundly.

Not all babies will do all poses, and it all depends on the baby, if they are unhappy, and start murmering for whatever reason, then I move on from that pose - and try something else. The reason some little ones may not like certain poses, are for many things, sore fronts from the surge of hormones making their chest tender, trapped wind, or even the belly button cord still being on. 

Visit the BANP website for more details of specialist newborn photographers in your area.

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