Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cakey Baby: Evie

I love when I get to celebrate someones birthday, especially with a Cakey Baby shoot.
Yes they may be messy, but they are pretty awesome! 

All our Cakey Baby shoots start with "normal" photoshoot - this can be a family shoot, pictures of the little one on their own, or as this mummy had decided, she wanted Evie dressed in our gorgeous Pink Ruffle tutu, and fairy wings and wand (Mum supplied)

We then unleashed the cake made my Twinkel Cakes, for Evie to devour! 

Evie decided she didn't want to play with it where she was so we moved her onto the white backdrop, and put her in our little cupcake ruffle bottom nappy cover! 

The good thing with cake, is when it is played with, and when it is squished, cake just dissolves, it crumbles into little bits, and makes the little ones look like they've eaten a lot more than they actually have.

In fact - Evie didn't eat much cake at all!!! 

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