Friday, 16 November 2012

BLP: Ways to Pay...

Photography a lot of the time is a luxury - something you want to treasure. A moment. A memory. And not only that but it is something that you want to pay for to get a good service, but not be left with a sour taste in your mouth.

A lot of photographers charge differently, but its just finding out what you would like - and going with a photographer who’s work you adore, and who is also recommended to you.

Not only that, here at Blue Lights Photography, I do offer people to pay via a payment plan if they wish to spend a little bit more than they were expecting to.

This is done via a series of payments made from you, the client, to myself, the photographer - for the items. The items are then ordered (item dependant) on the last payment, or the payment before the last with the last payment due to be paid on collection.

I used to offer 50% on order and 50% on collection, however I have had a client who has not returned for her items, and this therefore makes me sad, and also means that I too, have to put a barrier up to protect my business.

Please remember that we take, cash, both credit and debit card and cheques.

Here at Blue Lights Photography I try to make the most to give you the best opportunities and the best experiences for you with your Photography needs.

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