Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Newborn: Mcaiden 21 Days Old

Facebook has been a fantastic word of mouth for my Newborn Photography Sessions. I am getting lots of lovely bundles of joy coming to see me, and they've all seen the work on facebook.

Here I am sharing a session from a fair few weeks ago, in the editing backlog, of when this gorgeous little fellow came to see me at 3-weeks old. And slept "like a baby"

When I do a newborn session I always make sure the room is lovely and warm, and not only that, but the baby is safe and comfortable. I always start on the bean-bag and blanket shots first, giving and showing you the wonderful littleness that is your gorgeous baby.

Baby smiles are great to capture! I do not care if people say it is wind - it isn't, its a smile! 

When I know the little one is settled, and asleep, that is when I move over to the props that we have to show something different. If baby isn't in a deep sleep - then we do not try the additional props. This is for baby safety which is always at the forefront of our mind!

For newborn shoots I normally suggest, that they take place within the first 14 days, as after this time, this is when baby colic, reflux and baby acne can kick in. However we can try newborn poses, with up to 8 or even 10 week old babies. But be prepared for lots of trying to get to sleep! :)

For more information on our newborn sessions, please pop over to our facebook page and ask questions, as we are currently developing our new website page.

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