Friday, 25 May 2012

Wedding Industry Awards

A post for our Couple's between  01.11.11 and 31.10.12 we have entered The 2013 Wedding Industry Awards under Photography for the North East (I still think Yorkshire should have its own region!)

The Wedding Industry Awards is open to all Wedding Suppliers in England and what makes these awards different is that you can only vote for suppliers that you have used in your wedding if your wedding was between 01.11.11 and 31.10.12. If you think your suppliers have worked hard then vote for them!

So please remember this as its important. You can vote for any entrant who you used for your wedding and you can only vote once your Wedding has taken place! (one vote per couple)

So if you have used Blue Lights Photography between the dates....or your Wedding falls within the dates, please remember to vote for us!

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