Saturday, 12 May 2012

Print Sizes what to buy...

I found this art-size comparison photograph floating around Facebook. One photographer posted it another posted it, someone shared it etc, however, according to the world of google and pinterest it is credited to Thank you Keven!

I just wanted to show you guys how helpful it actually is when you are planning on what to buy.

When you prepare to go to a professional photographer you are paying for their expertise for photographs of your little darling(s) and why take the time and effort to then just purchase the smallest print possible.

A lot of people think an 8x10 is quite a "big" photograph, and it is, for a desk frame, but not for a wall hanging. Its important when thinking "If I was to get this, where would it sit in my house" and the best thing is to actually measure the space, that way you know what space you have to fill. Why not try cutting some paper (or wallpaper) in the size and make a template so you know big these actually are!

That way when you have your professional portrait done, you will know what size you have in mind, for the space you have!

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