Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cakey Baby: Information and Prices

What is a Cakey Baby Photoshoot?
A Cakey Baby Photoshoot is Blue Lights Photography's way of determining a Cake Smash Session. These are individual sessions where we literally let the child smash the cake. No shoot is the same. No child reacts the same. Our Cakey Baby photoshoots are a fabulous way to mark a milestone birthday, specifically aimed at 1 year olds!

Do we have to bring our own cake?

Nope! We have teamed up with Amanda at Burgoynes Cupcakes, who supplies all the home-made cakes for this occasion! We use one of her magnificent Giant Cupcakes covered in bright coloured butter cream as the Smash Cake - but not only that - you get a Mini-Giant Cupcake to take home as a replica and a real taster! If your child does have allergies then please let us know before you book as Amanda can bake with allergies in mind, including gluten free cakes!

What to expect

The shoot starts with a normal photoshoot of the Child or Family for the Milestone Birthday and then when these images are complete we ask the parent to strip off said birthday child down to just a nappy, for little girls, they are more than welcome to also use our cake colour cooridinated tu-tu’s.

Some children don't like cake (or dont like the texture of the buttercream on their hands) but don't worry as long as it looks like they got messy and enjoyed it then it doesn't matter if they don't eat it!

We do also advise parents to wear something that they dont mind getting a bit messy in. This is just in case child does get distressed at any point they may want a cuddle.

How to book
To book your cakey-baby shoot we advise that you do so a minimum of 1-month before the child's birthday. This is so that we can make sure the cake's are prepped and ready, and we can book the date either on, or closest to your child's birthday. Please note we are currently taking bookings in advance as both Amanda and I may get busy and not be able to fit you in.

If you have a child that has just had a birthday but would still love a cakey baby shoot, then please enquire with us and we shall get you into us at the earliest opportunity.

Prices for Cakey Baby Photo packages will be increasing on 1st June 2012.

Our Current Prices Are:

Cakey Baby Standard          £50.00      (Will increase to £60.00)
Photoshoot of Birthday Child
Photoshoot of Child with Cake
Cake to Smash
Take home Cake

Cakey Baby Canvas            £95.00       (Will increase to £115.00)
As Cakey Baby Standard PLUS
20x16 Montage Canvas

Cakey Baby Book               £110.00    
(Will increase to £140.00 and 30 images)
As Cakey Baby Standard PLUS
8" Square Cakey Baby keepsake book with 20 images

Cakey Baby Deluxe              £155.00   (Will increase to £180.00)

As Cakey Baby Standard PLUS
Cakey Baby Canvas
Cakey Baby Book

Please be advised that we do ask for a £25.00 non-refundable booking fee to secure all cakey-baby photo shoots.


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