Tuesday, 23 August 2011

{blp} Taste for a Tenner - Tuesday 9th August 2011

Back when I used to work as a Second Shooter, in the studio we used to do "Wacky Wednesday" and "Fab Friday" and any other use of alliteration that used to annoy some people. I have now got my own studio, as most of you are aware and I wanted to do the days again when you used to offer a cheap sitting and then get lots of people in.

Some photographers complained at me on twitter. Saying I was devaluing photography and I should be charging 400x (maybe slight exaggeration) of what I was actually charging. Many people especially the ones who attended. Thanked me for allowing photography at an accessible price. It meant that if they didnt get on with the camera, didnt like the surroundings they hadnt wasted a lot of money. But if they got on they got great photographs for a price they were happy with.

So Taste for a Tenner was born. £10, 20minutes studio time. Images uploaded onto a password protected gallery. Our first date we had 14 shoots booked in. One no-show and 1 child who didnt cooperate and just screamed for 20minutes. The rest...went fab.

Each client had a minimum of 25 images uploaded onto their gallery. And some were uploaded onto facebook so the people who were booked into for the 24th could see what they would be getting.

We've had so many words of encouragement. Its very similar to a "group-on" add. And may people are happy and orders are now coming in! :o)

Our next Taste for a Tenner will be held on 24th August 2011 and we are fully booked.
To keep up to date with more of these offers find us on facebook.

Normal photoshoots that are 1-hour long start at £25.00 for more information email adele@bluelightsphotography.co.uk

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet Adele, she was great with my baby, Oliver who cooperated better than I expected. Fantastic photo's, which will be getting ordered next week. Thank you so much Adele, we will be back xxx


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