Tuesday, 23 August 2011

{blp} How did you take that?

I posted this photograph on Facebook and was promtly greeted with "Oohs" and "Ahhs" but also a question from Emma, from Emma Quadra Photography "how did you take that" so I decided a blog post on how I got the idea and executed it would probably be the better way to go.

This Wedding was taking place at Tankersley Manor, and Hannah of Lifeline Photography was Second Shooting with me. In our downtime, and just as we were eating, we were sat discussing photographs etc. I got my Wedding Photography | A Guide to Posing book out of my bag, which I always carry with me. Not so much for me, but with all the photographs in it, its great for executing an idea when the Bride and Groom cannot 100% get at what you are going for you can pretty much use it for a "Like This" explanation.

On flicking through i found an image by Matthias Richter which had lit the bride and groom just via a spotlight. (The image is on his front page about 40 images in!) and we were discussing low-light photography. Looking around us, we were surrounded by spotlights, giving this little circle of light on the floor. Perfect! We're going to do a shot like this!

I got Hannah to pose for me and boy did she pull some funny faces. Totally. She's insane that girl.

I generally always shoot on flash WB setting, and then change in RAW. I took the first Test shot and exclaimed "It doesnt look right" then remembered, I had it on Flash WB and changed it to Auto, to make the shot look more "real colours" after making sure the settings were right, and here you can see the light source, I went to get the Bride and Groom and we took the photographs.

This is one of them in colour, I took a couple in portrait and a couple in Landscape. I quickly showed the Bride and Groom on the back of the Camera and they were like "Oooh that looks great"

For Photographers the Setting was: f1.8, 1/80 ISO 640 85mm lens

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Such a great idea to show how you got the shot. I think that, when you see an image like this, and then read a description of how it was taken, it makes people realise that it is always worth investing in a professional wedding photographer. I mean, which guest (or weekend warrior photographer) would really take the time to set up the shot (love that Hannah helped) and even see the potential in the first place. Great post!

  2. Thank you sooooooooooo much! x x it is an amazing photo I love it! x


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