Wednesday, 9 February 2011

{Wedding Wednesday} Valentines Flowers

Today we have Karen from Tiga Lili Flowers, based in Rotherham,
telling us about Valentines Flowers.

Valentines Flowers

The Obvious choice of course is Red roses, if you really have to buy red roses then for me it has to be the deep velvety Grand Prix rose, it’s long stemmed and the Rose itself is a generous size with deep red soft petals. It’s always better to order early has a lot of florists will have incentives for ordering early like a free box of chocolates or free delivery.

Alternatively why not start your own tradition and buy something different to red, there are so many rose colours and many other beautiful flowers about at this time of year. For example:

White Roses

A personal favourite of mine are White Roses and if you don’t want to pay for the more expensive red rose then this is a much better alternative than cheaper Red roses.

I really love all the tulips and spring flowers that around at this time of year. A bouquet of parrot tulips really is something special and better on the wallet than roses or even a hand tied bunch of mixed spring flowers like tulips and hyacinths.

For something eye catching and contemporary an arrangement of red Anthurium’s is stunning and certainly would have the wow factor. With the added advantage that you don’t need that many to make a stunning arrangement

The best time to order your flowers is has early as possible, the two weeks before Valentines Florist will be placing their orders with the wholesalers so if it really has to be her favourite flower order early.

Words of encouragement for men don’t be afraid of florists they are there to advise and help and I don’t know a single one that bites!! If you really can’t bear the thought of going into the shop then give them a ring and order over the phone then you get the advice without having to visit the shop.

Don’t whatever you do leave it until the last minute by Valentines morning all of the florists orders will have been made up ready for delivery and you will be left with a limited choice of bouquets and flowers.

Tiga Lili Flowers

South Yorkshire
 S64 8TP

Telephone: 01709 581296
Mobile: 07825209706
Twitter: @Tigalilifleur

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