Saturday, 26 February 2011

{Foto Friday} Dan & Charlotte

Ok, I firstly apologise....this is a "late" {foto friday}
I had a lovely blog-post written for you yesterday showcasing Alan & Amy's Wedding, and then Blogger wouldnt save it.
So here I am at 7:30am writing yesterdays blog post, and I have Dan & Charlotte's images on this computer so today you can see these.

I have found throughout the Wedding Fayres I am standing, more people seem to be getting married abroad (its more 40% abroad 60% home)

Dan & Charlotte were married in Scotland and then had a "Wedding Party" when they returned at The Village, Leeds

I met Charlotte at a Wedding Fayre in Leeds. She was an Exhibitor.
She runs as she is a freelance Hair and Make Up Artist.

I loved the Cadbury's purple that Charlotte had chosen for her bridesmaids.
Everyone who was involved at the Wedding in Scotland, wore the same clothing so it allowed for continuity with photographs and the party!

Everything was really informal, no posed shots, just's surprising how many people try and hide from having their photographs taken!

They had a Singer and Disco, which was lovely, and their First Dance as sang to them.

They quickly invited everyone onto the dancefloor to join them, to offically mark the start of the party!d

I sloped off at approximately 10:30pm everyone was fairly drunk by this point, but also because they didnt want anymore of really drunk photographs!

It was lovely to photograph such a lovely Party, the venue is gorgeous!

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