Friday, 18 February 2011

{Foto Friday} London Visit: My Way {blp}

Upon my visit to London for the Wedding Idea's Magazine Industry Awards in which we were shortlisted into the Final 5, I decided that I would also take the opportunity to take my camera, and some "snaps" around London, more likely around the areas in which we were staying.

Everyone was saying what lovely places I had to go and visit, but being in a city reminded me what I liked taking, the "gritty" things and unusual things and sometimes even the down right obscure things!
Which pretty much sums me up in total.

So here we have a few shots I took in London. My Way.

The first two were views from the apartment Balcony

The Staircase

If I remember correctly, it was a Gym Window

This was Paul Cafe, I had a gorgeous hot milk with hazlenut, simply devine!

There we have London!

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