Saturday, 21 June 2014

[NEW] The New Studio....

As today, is quite a monumental day for me, I thought that I would share with you where we are moving to - and the progress so far...

The premises are huge, and I just can NOT wait for you to share this journey with me, and to see it in the flesh when it is all finished.

These images were taken when I first went to view the property.

Here we go...

The Shop, this is the window shop frontage to the shop, and the depth of it, the fabulous wall of storage, plus the plastered wall, with space for all the pretty pictures! There will be a stud wall built within the room, separating it into two, and we will be photographing newborns toddlers etc, downstairs.

Upstairs, there is a small office, the toilet, and a waiting room. The plan is to get the downstairs sorted, and the upstairs "tidy" so we can continue to with as little disruption as possible to the business, and then we will decide what I am doing with the upstairs. I love having space to play with!

Then we have the office, which has its own entrance, but also entrance to the kitchen and studio / shop room. We are having a door fitted, that will live in the open gap between the office and the studio / shop front.

Friday 13th Marked one week from us having the keys.

This involved, lots of sweeping, lots of mopping and cleaning, the glaziers fitting some new glass into the windows that were cracked / broken. And cleaning Graffiti from the Windows!

How much nicer does upstairs look, without boarded up windows! 

Mum and I kept saying, that within the first week there wasn't really much of a transformation, but we knew it would get there and start taking shape!

Friday 20th Marked 2 Weeks since having the keys...And lots more progress!

So week 2, has been a great week! And so exciting. The electrical re-wire started inside, the horrible strip lights were removed. Colours and flooring were finally decided upon. The outside of the shop started being painted, whilst we started marking out how "big" items of furniture were going to be (Coffee Table and New Sofa ordered) and started undercoating the inside of all that storage!

I love how much better the room looks without the strip lights! Just need to get the shop light fittings now, which will be fitted, when the rest of the rewire is completed (Week 4)

And the BIGGEST difference so far....The shop front! Ricky has done a fabulous job! 

The plan is to be in by the end of July with our opening in the first week of August (to be announced). 

And if you still do not know where it is - then our new Address will be

Blue Lights Photography
66 Agnes Road
S70 1NH

We will be keeping the same telephone number!

Well I promised you updates - so here we go! 

Week 3 was a bit of a "slow" week as the electricians were away, and the joiner wasn't so we continued undercoating the inside of the dark wood boxes, and then started glossing them in eggshell! What a difference and made the room look so much brighter too!

By marking week 4 of having the keys, we have had the National Power Grid out to fit us a new Electricity Supply, British Gas to sort us a new Electricity Meter and our delivery from B&Q for the joiner to start. And our coffee table came!
We also started bringing up some of the gift range and playing about with the display. Not only that but the spotlights went in the window!
This is when my diary became planned to the Nth Degree as between week 3 to 4 I had 3 Viewings, 2 Sessions and a Wedding!

Week 5 is the week where the big changes were really seen! We have ELECTRICITY! The joiner started, the wall is up, more painting is being done, and the sign for the front of the shop is here! Happy 5 Week TODAY! (11.07.2014). 

Look at the shop front Before and After...

And how different is the main room looking now?

The "baby" room is coming on a treat!

And today I had my signage put up by Turner Signs.

And it looks AMAZING. Totally how I wanted it to look!

What a transformation in 5 weeks time huh!? :)


  1. It is going to be a stunning studio - so many rooms - a fabulous space! Well done and wishing you all the best Adele!

  2. Looks wonderful! I'm just ever so slightly green with envy :) Lorraine @ Ellie J Photography x

  3. Fantastic Adele, looks absolutely amazing! So pleased for you, worth all that hard work!


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