Friday, 13 June 2014

[Newborn] Squishy Oliver, a Newborn home Visit

It is not often that I do newborn home visits, as many people prefer to come to the studio - but sometimes when baby has been in hospital, or unable to drive due to C-Section etc, I make the exception so we can still make sure we capture those cute little pictures. That is exactly what I did with gorgeous Oliver.

When I arrived Oliver was fast asleep in his bouncer, so I got to set up and then have cuddles with him before stripping him down to his nappy for some wrapped shops. With a home visit, I have to be careful to know what I can take, and not only that - it all depends on the baby, and I was informed by mum he wasn't a "tiny" baby.

We needed a feed before we stripped him naked, after he had poo'd everywhere in one of my wraps too - and then wee'd all over this blanket. The joys of newborn photography - lots of washing! 

Just look how cute and comfy he is!

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