Sunday, 6 July 2014

[Wedding] An Independence Day Wedding where two become one, Waterton Park Hotel

These images are from the Slideshow that was shown at Mr and Mrs Lambert’s Wedding on 4th July at Waterton Park hotel.

I started with Gemma, the bride, and her lace dress was just beautiful with an open key-hole back.
Gemma’s hairslide was custom made to include both engagement rings from her grandparents – what a beautiful way to remember someone who is close to you.

The preperations took place in one of the big rooms at the Waterton Park Hotel side rather than across the bridge at Walton Hall. With her family popping in and out – and her bridesmaids helping her get ready  no-one was on top of each other like it can sometimes be. 

Seth was in good spirits, albeit a little nervous for the Civil Ceremony. Gemma’s Dad gave her away and the ceremony was full of good spirits – laughs and full of love.

After the Ceremony photographs took place. Starting with the Bigger groups first it is easier because you, as a guest, then know whether or not you are further needed. The colour scheme was beautiful too and the blue definitely suited the blonde bridesmaids.

The weather was threatening to rain in tiny little bits, but luckily Waterton Park has some beautiful places for photographs, regardless of the weather. These photographs were taken under cover, but still look beautiful  -rain? What rain!

The speeches and meal took place upstairs at Walton Hall, with the evening reception downstairs in the boathouse.

The speeches included lots of laughs, embarrassment, funny stories of houses being flooded (twice) and a “kidnapped” child. (please note it was a staged photograph, and provided lots of laughs. No child was actually Kidnapped in the process of them planning the wedding!)

After speeches I headed back outside with Gemma and Seth for some photographs now the weather had settled before heading back in and partying away!

Thank you Gemma & Seth for allowing me to be a big part of your special day.

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