Saturday, 1 March 2014

[Top 5] My Top 5 favourite things about being a Newborn Photographer

I love being a photographer, no matter what, but these are my favourite things about being a Newborn Photographer.

Baby Cuddles
Who doesn’t love baby cuddles – and of course, part of my jobs means that I get to have lots of baby cuddles with lots of lovely little babies, of course, I sometimes get wee’d and poo’d on – but baby cuddles are the best!

Letting Parents Breathe!
When you come in for a newborn session, this is your time to breathe, bring a book or a magazine, check facebook and emails (wifi available) and hot drinks, that you can actually drink – hot! I normally undress baby, so baby gets used to me – being handled and cuddled by me, and of course moved and talked to by me to help the session go smoothly. I’ve even had daddies fall asleep in the corner on all my cushions!

Little Details
Seeing babies little details, and their own cuteness and knowing that they’re going to grow but still keep some of their little details. Super long eyelashes, little curls, tiny fingernails, and toenails – and the baby wrinkles. All those little tiny details, are just beautiful.

Seeing Families Grow
Seeing families grow is amazing, when people come in for their newborn photo session, they normally come back for either a 6 month or 12 month session which means I get to see them completely grow up and change, not just the little one – but also as a family unit – and even when second, and third baby comes along!

Creating lasting memories
Babies grow so so so quick, and they change so much – but nothing can replace remembering how tiny they were. I try and use, at least one prop, within a newborn session, that we can use again when they are bigger to see how much they’ve grown!

My Job is the best! 

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  1. I've spotted my baby girl! ♡♥
    I agree, what a wonderful job you have, and talented at it too! 5 ST★R


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