Tuesday, 18 March 2014

[Behind The Scenes] Blue Lights Photography and Wedding Exhibitions!

As our first big Wedding Exhibition was on Sunday, I decided to take some behind the scene photographs, to show what kind of work goes into setting up - or at least from start to finish.

The Show run from 10am-5pm, so my day started at 6:30am, getting up, showered and making myself look ready to take on the world! 

The first Job when we got to the Racecourse at just after 8am was to unload the car of everything and then move it to exhibitor only parking, so other people could start unloading their vehicles too. And then the job began of making our empty plain shell scheme, turn into something wonderful! 

The first job was to put up the new Backboards for our stand which we had got from AdelaRosa - this was the first fayre they had an outing at. Each one had to be velcro'd before being attached to the shell scheme walls. 

My job was to cut the Velcro and make sure that the boards were in order whilst Mum put them up, and I made sure they were straight and happy with them. Mum calls me a control freak - but I just like to make sure things are done properly!

After that the top vinyl's were put into place (but we had to take them down as they wouldn't stay in place - need new ones for next year!) and the rest of the stall is set up. Firstly the TV is set up with a slideshow playing constantly, before the albums are split into our Classic and Prestige albums - along with other items including Wedding Ideas' Magazine's with our Real Life Weddings that we have had published in them. 

Branding, Branding Branding, is key. We were giving out "Bride to Be" Stickers to make sure we knew which brides we had spoken to, and had our branded Pens, and DVD Cases on show. It was lovely for all the comments that we got from our stand! It makes it all worth while! 

And then its home time - and the devastation it leaves behind! All packing up ready to go home, after a fabulous show! 

Just booked the next Doncaster Show for 2015! 

See you on the 8th March 2015 10-4:30! 

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