Monday, 10 February 2014

[Personal] If I ever get married...

Being a Wedding Photographer, one of the things that many people, friends (and brides) as me – is “who is going to take your photos when you get married” and I will be honest, I have absolutely no idea! I know that I want my photographs to be beautiful – so that’s helpful, and I know that I will find a photographer whose style I absolutely LOVE – but right now – I have absolutely no idea. Not that I am planning on getting married anytime soon – there is one thing I don’t have – a Groom!

I do however, have in mind a style that I want, and a colour scheme I totally love.

I have always said that I would have a short dress and an AWESOME pair of shoes – I mean, really – what girl doesn’t want an awesome pair of shoes – and if everyone would see them then they would need to be extra awesome.

I wouldn’t want a strapless dress, I am probably like a million and more other women who hate their arms or at least the tops of them, so I would look at having something feminine and delicate with sleeves, with either a sweetheart neckline or very Audrey Hepburn so at least I can wear a decent bra! (Ladies we need to think practical a lot of the time!)

But the one thing I would definitely want, is a teal petticoat underneath – a lovely big frilly soft tulle petticoat!

Dress 1:  Kitty & Dulchie Baroness Pearl ,  Top Right Dress 2: As seen online here, Right Middle Sourced here, Bottom Right Dress 3: Dolly Couture USA

My favourite colour is teal! Considering the business is Blue Lights Photography, I couldn’t really have teal as a logo colour so chose the blue I have instead (Pure Cyan if anyone is interested) and teal would have to be the main colour of choice throughout the wedding. I have discussed teal & orange (after all Sheffield Steelers wore it together) – but Teal is a must – there are so many different shades – look at these two beautiful Bridesmaid and Flower Girl dresses!

Flower Girl Dress available here from Wonderful Dress, Adult Bridesmaid Dress available here from Dessy

The top shoes, from the Rachel Simpson shoe collection, were my “to go” Wedding Shoes which I loved. I even contemplated buying before they were removed from the collection – I love them, and I know that I will have to find some from somewhere (or something equally as beautiful) – unfortunately I am unsure whether or not if I begged Rachel she’d be able to find or make me another pair!

But no matter what - the shoes have to be amazing, people will notice the shoes if I have a short dress, and they will need to be able to stand on their own. Nothing too high though!

Top Shoes: Rachel Simpson Shoes Noir Collection discontinued.
Bottom Left: No Link, Middle: Shown here, Bottom Right: First Seen here

Yummy Yummy! Who doesn’t love cake! I really do not like fruit cake, so it would definitely have to be sponge, just vanilla, or some yummy chocolate cake! The best part of being a Wedding Photographer is the Wedding Fayres and knowing some fabulous cake makers!

I love the idea of little cakes as favours in clear boxes – lovely! 

Left Top: Cake 1 from Whipt Cream, Left Top Middle Cake 2 Available here, Middle Bottom House of Clarendon , Left Bottom: First seen here, Right, lots of little cakes first seen here

And last but not least flowers!

I remember photographing Mr and Mrs Moran’s Wedding and seeing how beautiful and simplistic the wedding looked decorated with gypsophila (baby’s breath) is so delicate and beautiful. It is normally used as a filler flower, so isn’t expensive, but it just looks so absolutely beautiful as a bouquet, whether to mix it in with other flowers, or to have purely on their own!

Left Image Source here, Right Top Image Source here, Right Bottom Image Source here

So whilst I may not have an idea of who I would use as  Wedding Photographer, or really what I want from a Groom, I have idea’s what I would like for my Wedding, not set in stone, but at least they are ideas.

I find pinterest is so wonderful for collating ideas! What idea’s have you got for your Wedding?

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