Tuesday, 25 February 2014

[Newborn] Double Trouble, Seth & Lucas, Newborn Photographer Barnsley.

Well, look at these two GORGEOUS boys that came to visit me for photos. Gorgeous little Seth, and big brother Lucas! Now, we weren't sure whether or not whether Lucas would play and entertain having his photographs with his brother, because Mum was telling me that he wasn't really interested in being a big brother! I mean, babies don't do much do they? But some gentle persuasion, and a few hidden tricks, look how well behaved he was! 

After we got the shots of them both together out of the way with, then it was time to start with photographs of Seth on his own, who - decided he wasn't going to play as much as Lucas did. Personally I think its probably because he didn't get a chocolate biscuit! 

This was one of the last images I got of him, of course awake, after he was being a Monkey, I think he is saying to me "move me again, and I'm going to get you"

Because of how awake, and alert he was, and of course we had Lucas with us too - then I suggested to their mummy to bring Seth back a couple of days later for an hour just to get some more shots of him on his own. And then he was as good as gold! 

I love photographing babies, even when they wee, poo or are sick on me! 

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