Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Cake Smash] Lacey Turns Two, Cake Smash Photography,

Lacey came to see me for her Cakey Baby Photoshoot on her 2nd Birthday. Lacey's mummy had pre-warned me that she can be a little shy, and they had taken her elsewhere when she was little and she didn't like it, they think because it was a male photographer. However, Lacey was a little shy, but due to how I plan my photo sessions, I was able to spend the first 5 minutes of the session playing peek-a-boo with Lacey, and getting her to come around. I try and just make the photos sessions FUN!

How ADORABLE does she look! I always do some "clean" photographs before the cake is brought out - mainly because if the little one doesn't like cake, be it the feel, the texture, or just don't like getting messy (it happens!) then we definately know that we have some lovely pictures to show you.

Lacey, didn't like it getting too gloopy on her hands, so kept coming to me for me to wipe it off, good job we have lots of baby wipes!

In the end she absolutely LOVED it, and loved seeing herself on the TV during her viewing! 

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