Sunday, 3 November 2013

[Wedding] Don't Worry...

Don’t worry...about messing up the wedding vows.

There is no point in worrying about messing up the wedding vows. Quite a lot of the time you will repeat after the officiant, and as soon as you ‘mess up’, forget or stumble upon a word, you will laugh, and it will break the ice and everything else will go smoothly. Try not to get flustered, take a deep breath – smile – and keep going.

Don’t worry...about what Grandma is wearing.
If Grandma comes along in her normal every day comfortable attire, then do not worry. They are there – they have come for the Wedding and they will be on your images. Granted you can chuckle in years to come of what “Granny wore” but what matters is that they are there.

Don’t worry...about guest no-shows.I know you have paid for them, and I know it will mess up your seating plan – but do not worry about guest no-shows. There will always be a good reason as to why someone didn’t show up.

Don’t worry...about unkept groomsmen.
So the groomsmen didn’t get their hair cut and have a shave before the big day – let it go. Even if you discussed it ahead of the day it really isn’t worth stressing over. You cannot change it now.

Don’t worry...about not getting every combination of family photographs.  
Make sure you give your photography a priority list of photographs and get the family combinations which are more important. However, please remember that you do not have all the time in the world – and the more time you spend on the group photographs – the less time you have to spend with your groom having your amazing portraits taken.

Don’t worry...about left over favours.No one does it to offend you but sometimes someone may accidentally leave a favour on the table. Just ask someone to gather them all up and put them on a table at the evening, this way guests can pick them up that didn’t get one during the day.

Don’t worry...about the weather.
If it rains, it rains. If its sunny its sunny. It is one thing that you can never plan for. The weather will do what it wants at any time of the year. Just try and make sure that you are willing to go outside for the photographs (even just couple ones) if its light rain.

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