Friday, 15 November 2013

[BWN] My Butterfly - Butterfly Wishes Network

Not even 1 year ago I joined a growing network of photographers for the Butterfly Wishes Network

The Butterfly Wishes Network was set up to allow families, with children, who have life limiting illnesses, to be teamed with a photographer. This was to make sure that the families had beautiful images to treasure always – for free of charge.

I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful little Ava, who has a couple of different heart defects that were diagnosed when Ava’s mummy was 20 weeks pregnant.

Ava came to visit me on a Thursday, the day before a hospital checkup. She was a little grumpy, but she was gorgeous nonetheless.

Who would have known that the day after she would be admitted to the hospital and end up with emergency heart surgery, and, the doctors didn’t think she would make it.

Luckily, Ava, my little butterfly, is a fighter and recovered well and is back at home with mummy and daddy, but unfortunately, not all butterflies make it.

That is why – the work we do as photographers, and the work that the Admin team behind the Butterfly Wishes Network, is so important, because the images we capture can never be replaced. 

Spread the word to all mummies who has a little one who has a life limiting illness, or just spread the work about the AMAZING work that the Butterfly Wishes Network does!

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