Wednesday, 20 November 2013

[Awards] Wedding Industry Awards 2014

Like with many awards or competitions, whether it is online, or in person, for photographers, dresses or the general public in a "bonny baby" competition, or even down to the Xfactor. As soon as the winners, or finalists are announced, you hear a cry of "fixed" and "they didn't deserve it" and no matter what - it is always the same no matter how "see through" the voting process is.

Last week on facebook, I saw someone slating the "Regional Finalists" saying that "If you see someone announcing being a regional finalist it means they've paid £50 for it"

This isn't true in its entirity.

When a business enters into the Awards, they pay £45-£50 depending on whether we register within the first few days of the website going live for the registration and voting process to get the discount. Like an Early Bird discount.

So, why do we pay? Because the organisers hold the awards ceremony at the end of January. They also have several different people who take on interviewing regional winners to find out why they have won etc. And the voting process is very indepth with its algorithms.

The feedback that we as suppliers get from these particular awards is amazing, and some would say "money can't buy" so really £50 for true and honest feedback, on yourself as a supplier, business person and Wedding supplier, is amazing. And all whilst your bride and grooms know that the feedback will be anonymous (unless of course only one of your couples votes for you!) But the "votes" are scores. The customer has to score you out of 10, then there are averages and then if you score higher than a particular % for the area/supplier category, then you are a regional finalist. If you fall under this you are not a regional finalist, regardless of you paying your £50.

You receive your anonymous feedback, the minute you are "no longer in the competition" and to me, this is the bit I love. Absolutely.

So, yes I paid £50 to enter these awards, and yes my clients voted for me, and yes I scored high enough to be a regional finalist.

Thank you.

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